Apr 30, 2013

The shore of Singapore

A few minutes before you reach the shores of Singapore, the ocean changes its looks. It becomes spotted with uncountable ships awaiting their turn to enter the port of Singapore.

The port of Singapore is the world's busiest transhipment hub. It is hard to grasp, that one of the tiniest countries in the world has the busiest port activity in the world.

It was after mid-night when I arrived home. From the plane's window I saw the ocean spotted with the ships lights, illuminating the waters with shining ripples. It felt like home.
I figured that a few thousands of people were sleeping at that time on the ships. Yes... trying to calculate odd things is a family bug...

(I did the above mosaic a few years ago for an exhibition dedicated to the spirit of Marc Chagall. It lives now with maestro Giulio Menossi)

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