Apr 8, 2013

Art supplies in Singapore

I don't claim to know all the venues where you can find art materials in Singapore. I know of two places where I visit frequently lately.

My favourite one is Strais. A small shop run, as it looks, by a family, a very smiling helpful people.
My favourite corner is that of the acrylic paints. They have the best quality -  Golden. Each time I am there, I buy more and more tubes of this fantastic paste. If I continue like that, Golden will have to move into producing colors that don't exist to fulfil my appetite. 
Across the road, in Bras Brasah Complex, there is Art Friend shop, which is huge, full of supplies, but disappointing in acrylic paints. 
I love Bras Brasah Complex. It is one of the old shopping centers still exit in Singapore, which have become an extinct species. Old building are being demolished, replace by state-of-the-art architecture, really mouth drooling. But entering an old complex let you feel the old Singapore, with its warmth and Asian characteristics.

I went to Straits yesterday to buy yet more materials. The car "screamed" that is needed fuel. I had no clue where was the nearest gasoline station, so I turned on the annoying GPS, waited for it to warn me to drive carefully... bla bla bla... and I clicked to let it direct me to the nearest station. She (the digital lady in the GPS) guided me alright, but... I didn't believe her...
She told me to keep straight, but on the left there was a tiny street which "smelled" like fuel. So I made the left turn... so what if the sign said it was cul de sac... I didn't believe it either...
500 meters into the narrow street the road ended with no fuel to be found.
I manoeuvred a U-turn, and then I saw this worker resting. I thought it deserved a shot.

I do have trust issues...


  1. Fun post Irit ~ good to know some of those old buildings are still standing & that you're scouting out art supplies!!!
    ~ trust issues? Me too ;)

  2. Maybe it is an arty thing... these trust issues... :-)