Apr 5, 2013

Orchids and Singapore

Vanda Miss Joaquim was chosen to be Singapore's national flower.
To read more about this type of Orchid and other related topics click here.

Living in Singapore, I have decided to give the Orchids a chance... Painting flowers is way out of my comfort zone. Give me portraits, abstracts even trees and you will make me happy. Flowers were never my favourites... I don't even like to have flowers at home. Love them in the garden, and starting today, love them on my canvas :-).

I started as usual with my blue lines on a prepared canvas with an under-paint, continuing with painting the flowers -

Then I added my background blue lines, which will create an abstract net, painting each section separately with warm colors. This will be my second under colors. I do it, though later it will be totally covered, because the warmth of the colors will influence the third layer -
And here it is - Bursting Orchids (20x36 inches, acrylic on canvas) -

One last word -
This is not the Vanda Miss Joaquim, but a related sibling which I have absolutely no clue what its name is.


  1. Love it! It gives me a blend of feelings of Realistic, Abstract as well as Impressionist, all in one!
    Way to go!

  2. It is so light and flowing, makes me feel so relaxed as I stare into it! HEAVENLY!

  3. Thank you Jean for you lovely words.