Apr 3, 2013

Monsoons in Singapore

Singapore doesn't really have a wet season like it's neighbours on the east and west. Located on the tip of the peninsula, it is influenced by the eastern as well as the western monsoons' periods. Which means it rains regularly, or should I say POURING...
The sky are rarely clear blue as you might imagine the skies of the tropics, but rather light grey or VERY dark grey.

I took some photos the other day from our balcony -

So you see what I mean by a very dark grey... and you know you are going to experience yet another flow of water.
A few minutes later the monsoon hit. The rain is so dense it makes you wonder how do the sky can hold so much water. It is literarily blocking any view.

In this time of the year it doesn't last long. It comes daily in the mid-afternoon. There are times, though, that it can last for days.
An hour later the view is back.

 So, if you are planning a vacation on a white beach below the palm trees, this is not to place to be. However, Singapore has lots of other attractions (which I will mention in later posts) and please, don't forget your umbrella.

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