Apr 17, 2013

A short vacation and early mornings

Every morning when I wake up I swear. No, really, for as long as I remember myself.
And waking up at 3:30 am is a total upgraded scale of misery.

The taxi driver took me through the wet empty roads of Singapore to the airport.

2 days later:

Sitting outside, smoking, watching the city waking up, witnessing the yellow snake of cabs awaiting clients. Soon the demand will be reverted.
Too early for me. Tired and hungry.
Too early, it seems, for the homeless too. Usually I see them by the smoking area, offering them a cigarette. Sometimes even talking to them. They are actually nice.

I hear German and Japanese and Spanish. Yesterday I was talking some idiotic things in Hebrew in the elevator, only to realize when we got to the lobby, that our partner to the elevator ride was Israeli...

Back in the room, a boy is sleeping here, a girl is chatting with me on Skype, a husband is chatting with me on the phone. Actually, life is good.

Will be back here on the blog when I am back home in Singapore.

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