Mar 28, 2014

Goodbye Singapore

The strange thing with blogs (or is it common?), is that you start with so much enthusiasm, you have so much to say, that you cannot wait for the following day to write another post. You don't want the reader to think you are addicted to your own words, although you are...
And you gather photos, and you make long lists of what you are going to write about, and you check your stats, and you don't tell anyone as if you are indifferent...

So I started this blog about a year ago. I took photos frantically, and I have made long lists. For a while I kept going, and as with everything else in life, the new becomes less new, and thus not so attractive, and I wrote less frequently, until I stopped writing altogether.

I wanted to write about the art schools of Singapore, the street art, the astonishing architecture which is not like anything you have ever seen.

As for my art - It has been quite an adventure here in many ways. My art has changes. It took a turn to something I feel very comfortable with, something I feel at home with it. Though I have not been working from morning till night, I have produced about 100 paintings and drawings, some I am very proud of.

Yesterday I have finished my last paintings in Singapore. Looking at it again now I realize, that it resembles somehow the first painting I did here.

the last painting is called Still Standing (A2 Pastels on paper) -

p.s. The photo is not blare and you don't need to rush to the optician... The background is done purposely blared :-)
Here is the first painting I did here about a year ago (Acrylics on A3 paper):
In a few days we are heading back home with a lot of good memories from this stay in Singapore and with a pile of paintings.
Goodbye Singapore.